Senior Pet Care


Senior Pet Care

Unfortunately, our pets don’t live as long as we do. However, as our pets age, there’s no reason they need to slow down. With the proper senior pet care, your pets can continue enjoying going for walks, running, jumping, and playing their favorite games just as much as they love to snuggle. At Brookview Animal Hospital, we’re proud to offer personalized senior pet care to help you make the most of your pet’s golden years.

Senior Pet Care Services in Parma, OH

Wellness Exams & Routine Health Screening

As pets grow older, their risk of developing any number of age-related diseases increases. As a result, we suggest scheduling more frequent wellness appointments for senior pets. Senior pets should usually visit us for a physical exam and health screening every six months or more frequently, depending on your pet’s condition.
During these exams, we’ll weigh and examine your pet to make note of any significant health changes. Additionally, we’ll take a blood test and run a chemistry panel to check your pet’s organ function.
During the diagnostic testing and physical exam, our veterinarian will be looking for early signs of common age-related diseases like:
The earlier your pet is diagnosed, the more successfully and efficiently we’ll be able to provide them with relief and manage the concern.

Dental Care

Most cats and dogs over age three suffer from some form of dental disease. As pets age, it becomes increasingly important to maintain their dental health to keep periodontal disease in check. We provide dental exams for our patients and can talk with you about scheduling one for your pet.

Lifestyle and Nutritional Counseling

As pets age, they may benefit from lifestyle and dietary adjustments. For example, we can help you select the food and nutritional supplements that are best formulated to address your pet’s unique health concerns. You might also consider making a few adjustments to their environment by providing elevated food and water bowls, an arthritis-friendly pet bed, and pet stairs into your car, onto the sofa, or onto your bed.

Pain Management

Many older pets suffer from chronic pain. Our veterinarian will work with you to determine an appropriate long-term solution for providing relief.

Schedule a Senior Pet Exam with Our Veterinarian in Parma

Every pet is different. The exact age when a pet becomes a senior depends on the pet’s species and size. Our veterinarian can help you determine when your pet should start visiting more frequently. We’re here to help you through every step of your pet’s aging process to make their golden years the best they can be!