Preventative Care


Preventative Care

At Brookview Animal Hospital, we focus on wellness and preventative care appointments for all our patients. These appointments are designed to keep your pet healthy by preventing them from catching avoidable diseases and picking up harmful parasites and by catching signs of chronic diseases early.

Preventative Pet Care Services at Our Parma Animal Hospital

Wellness Examinations

Every preventative care appointment begins with a wellness exam. Our veterinarian will perform a whiskers-to-tail physical examination to assess your pet’s health. We’ll evaluate their musculoskeletal structure, feel for lumps and bumps, assess their weight, check the appearance of their skin and coat, and examine their eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and paws. We’ll also measure their vital signs and take a temperature.
This thorough examination that occurs during a wellness exam allows us to establish a baseline of your pet’s normal health, making it easier to detect changes that could indicate health problems in the future.

Health Screening

For new puppies and kittens, pets with strong preconditions for certain diseases, or aging pets, we might also recommend a diagnostic health screening. This generally entails a blood test and basic chemistry panel in our in-house laboratory.
Most pets don’t develop or show symptoms until a disease has progressed significantly and the pet is experiencing considerable discomfort. Health screening helps us detect early signs of disease, so we can address the issues before they become an actual symptomatic problem for your pet.


Many dangerous and highly contagious diseases can be easily and safely prevented with vaccination. Vaccinating your pets not only protects your furry friends from disease but also the human members of your family.
Vaccinations are split into two categories: core and non-core. Core vaccines are those required by law or strongly recommended for every pet. Non-core vaccines are elective and recommended on a case-by-case basis.

Parasite Management

Based on your pet’s species, size, and family members, we’ll recommend a complete parasite prevention regimen to keep your pet and household pest-free.

When to Schedule a Preventative Care Appointment for Your Pet

For thorough care and optimal health, we recommend healthy adult pets visit us for a preventative care appointment once a year. Senior pets, puppies and kittens, and pets managing chronic disease will likely need to visit our clinic for more frequent wellness checks, vaccine boosters, and medication adjustments.
If it’s been a while since your cat or dog has visited a veterinarian or if you’ve just adopted a new pet, we welcome you to contact Brookview Animal Hospital to schedule a wellness exam in Parma for your pet.