Pain Management


Pain Management

When a beloved companion is in pain, it can be stressful for both you and your pet. Pets experience pain for a variety of reasons including chronic and acute illnesses, injuries, surgeries, birth defects, and degenerative diseases. Our veterinarian at Brookview Animal Hospital will help you get to the bottom of your pet’s pain, so we can effectively provide relief and help your pet get back to being his or her normal, happy self.

How to Know When a Pet Is in Pain

Cats and dogs can’t tell us when they hurt, and they instinctively try to hide their symptoms when they aren’t feeling well. As a result, they often don’t display any symptoms until the pain or discomfort becomes unbearable. For this reason, identifying when your pet is experiencing pain can be tricky. To detect signs of pain, it’s up to pet owners to pay close attention to their pets’ behavior, appearance, and routine. Watch for the following:
If you notice any changes in your pet’s behavior, appearance, or personality, schedule a veterinary exam right away.

Personalized Pain Management Plans for Pets

When a pet is in pain for reasons other than surgery or physical trauma, the key to effectively managing the pain is understanding exactly what’s causing the discomfort. Before recommending a pain management plan or simply prescribing pain medication for your pet, our veterinarian will examine your pet and might recommend diagnostic tests to determine the underlying cause of your pet’s pain. If we can address the issue causing the pain, then we’ll effectively eliminate it at its source.
If your pet has a chronic health condition that’s causing pain and other uncomfortable symptoms, we’ll work with you to slow the progress of the chronic disease while providing a variety of options for managing your pet’s symptoms.

Schedule a Pain Management Consultation with Our Parma Veterinarian

If your pet has a chronic pain condition like arthritis, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian in Parma. We’ll work with you and your pet to devise an effective pain management plan to help your pet find relief. Whether your pet needs ongoing relief or temporary pain mitigation, we can help you determine the best course of action to safely care for your pet. To learn more, contact Brookview Animal Hospital.